Deep Purple - Phoenix Rising BLU-RAY

deep purple deep purple
deep purple deep purple
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Zvukové normy: 2.0, 5.1

Rok výroby: 2010

Dĺžka: 137 min

Distribútor: Mystic Prod.

Kategórie: hudobné, Hard ´n´ heavy

EAN kód: 4029759066071

The line up called MK2 (Blackmore-Lord-Paice-Gillan-Glover) released albums that are milestones of rock: "In Rock", "Machine Head" and "Fireball". Gillan and Glover left after the release of "Who Do We Think We Are". Deep Purple decided to continue and entered one of the most controversial, exciting and extreme phases of their career. Back then unknown vocalist David Coverdale (later superstar of his own band Whitesnake) and bass player Glenn Hughes joined the band. The following albums "Burn" and "Stormbringer" showed they could maintain the same levels of the previous incarnation of the band and reached the "classic album status". When Blackmore decided to leave the band, they surprisingly decided to continue, recruiting guitarist Tommy Bolin. They released the great album "Come Taste The Band", and played in front of immensely large audiences at the peak of their glamourous lives... until excesses affected the band and Bolin tragically died of a heroin overdose. Deep Purple were then officially split up.

In 1984 Deep Purple reformed with the original line-up, featuring Gillan and Glover yet although a lot had happened since then, the band is still touring the world and remains one of the most important names in rock history. It would be a big mistake to ignore the great music that Deep Purple produced between 1972 and 1976.

‘Getting Tighter’: 90 minute documentary of the story behind Deep Purple "post Gillan years" narrated by Lord and Hughes, with never seen before live images, backstage scenes, rare visuals from the bands own archives.

‘Rises Over Japan: Live’ - 30 minute live concert in Japan including:
01. Burn
02. Love Child
03. Smoke On The Water (including Georgia)
04. You Keep On Moving
05. Highway Star

Extra Bonus Material:

“Come Taste The Band” 2010 Reissue EPK
Additional vintage material not used for the documentary
Entire live CD with all 8 tracks as WAV files
01. Burn
02. Getting Tighter
03. Love Child
04. Smoke On The Water (including Georgia)
05. Lazy
06. Homeward Strut
07. You Keep On Moving
08. Stormbringer

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Dĺžka: 137
Štúdio: Mystic Prod.
Zvukové normy: 2. 0, 5. 1