Quentin Tarantino Collection 5BRD BLU-RAY

Quentin Tarantino Collection

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5060223765303 5060223765303
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Zvukové normy: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1

Rok výroby: 2011

Dĺžka: 651 min

Dátum výroby: 2015

Distribútor: Import

Jazykové verzie: anglická

Titulky: anglické

Bez českého a slovenského dabingu a titulkov

EAN kód: 5055761907087

Reservoir Dogs: a group of criminals carry out a jewel heist which results in a battle with the police to secure an escape. Suspicions are aroused at the readiness of the police and an informer is sought.

Pulp Fiction: is a breathtaking tribute to old dime store novels about small time hoods and dangerous criminals. It features deftly woven plotlines, creating a mythic Los Angeles underworld of drug dealers, molls, affable hitmen, restaurant-robbing lovers, and a boxer out to scam the mob on his last professional bout.

Jackie Brown: is an air hostess who supplements her income by carrying large amounts of cash between Mexico and the US for a gun dealer. After being arrested at the airport she can only gain her freedom by shopping the gun dealer, knowing that if she does he will kill her.

Kill Bill Volume 1: follows the story of 'the Bride'. Once part of a group of top female assassins called the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad, she realises that she's pregnant and decides to leave, assume a new identity and get married. This does not sit well with Bill, her former boss who tracks her down on her wedding day.

Kill Bill Volume 2: continues the Bride's path of vengeance begun in the first volume. Now she hunts down Elle Driver (aka 'California Mountain Snake'), Budd (aka 'Sidewinder') and their leader Bill (aka 'Snake Charmer').

Extras: Hours worth of extras including commentaries, interviews, deleted and extended scenes over 5 discs

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