Secrets of the Rainforest 2D+3D BLU-RAY

secrets rainforest secrets rainforest
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27,95 €
Dostupnosť: do 10 až 30 dní

Zvukové normy: 5.1 dts-hd ma

Rok výroby: 2013

Dĺžka: 54 min

Distribútor: Import

Bez českého a slovenského dabingu a titulkov
Kategórie: dokumentárne, 3D BLU-RAY

EAN kód: 5060192813173

The Secrets of the Rainforest 3D allows you to be privy to the wonderful world hidden in amongst the towering trees that have outlived generations. Get close to the creatures that crawl under the floor foliage whilst being wowed by the animals that swing through the sky high branches. Allow yourself to be taken on a breathtaking journey into this hidden world that remains untouched and full of the mysteries and magic of Mother Nature. Be transported in 3D and be amazed!

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Dĺžka: 54
Zvukové normy: 5.1 dts-hd ma
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